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A small introduction about PGDHOONDO.IN

PGDHOONDO.IN. is dedicated to provide utmost services to the PD/Hostel owner and the Tenants for hustle free life. We are open for feedback to serve you better.

PGDHOONDO.IN is a fast growing e-commerce business with a strong network of PG and Hostel across few cities in India. We have excelled in offering a wide variety PG and hostel through our website PGDHOONDO.IN. We are trying to connect people who are looking for PG or Hostel in a convenient manner to their desired PG/Hostel.

We are providing some great features along with the search and listing of PG/Hostel on our website. It will help the PG/Hostel owners to connect with their clients directly!

Why List Your Paying Guest In A Directory?

  • Major Business Directories

    tend to be organised around a category and subcategory style structure, (associated with traditional markets and industries and segments within those markets). These well established layouts help navigate and drill down to individual listings. Most of these provide advanced search capabilities to browse by keyword. Most charge an annual business listing fee for advertisers to include their companies within them.

  • Niche Business Directories

    tend to focus on one particular industry or market. Many include topical news items and useful articles related to that market. Most will charge for 'sponsored' or 'featured listings' to appear at the top of the list, while offering free listings for the majority of other advertisers. Some directories use a rotational advertising system to allow all advertisers within a category, to take their turn at the top spot for a fixed period before returning to the bottom of the list. This presents some degree of neutrality and fairness so that advertisers with deep pockets can't monopolise the best spots.

  • Member-Based Directories

    Many Trade Associations have their own member-based directories. This format is common in highly regulated industries such as accounting, insurance, law and professional services. Customers can have confidence that members listed are accredited, according to the standards set down by the Association or the regulatory body.

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