A small introduction about PGDHOONDO.IN


PGDHOONDO.IN is a fast growing e-commerce business with a strong network of PG and Hostel across few cities in India. We have excelled in offering a wide variety PG and hostel through our website PGDHOONDO.IN. We are trying to connect people who are looking for PG or Hostel in a convenient manner to their desired PG/Hostel.

We are providing some great features along with the search and listing of PG/Hostel on our website.  It will help the PG/Hostel owners to connect with their clients directly!

PG DHOONDO.IN introduces a new feature called PG/Hostel Management Software

v  Keep detailed track of your PG/Hostel in every aspect (Room, Rents, Notice Periods, PG/Hostel Agreements and lot more).

v  Track your tenants on the go! (Checkin Date, Duration of Stay, Terms & Condition, Deposit amounts, ID Proof, Local contacts, Via Sources & Complete Accounts)

v  SMS notification of monthly payments to the tenants.

v  SMS alerts to the tenants on the payment of monthly bills and other essentials.

v  SMS alerts to the owner’s daily collection, daily occupancy ratio and tomorrow expected collections.

v  Invoice to the tenants and the PG/Hostel owners for easy tracks of bills.


PGDHOONDO.IN is dedicated to provide utmost services to the PD/Hostel owner and the Tenants for hustle free life. We are open for feedback to serve you better.